Shelter Plus Care (S+C)

S+C is designed to assist homeless disabled individuals and families in safe, affordable permanent housing, maintain residential stability, increase life skills, obtain greater self-sufficiency and advance the goals of ending chronic homelessness. In 1997 OCHA received the first grant award to serve 35 homeless disabled households. OCHA currently administers 13 tenant-based and 2 project-based S+C grant projects; providing rental assistance & supportive services for over 600 formerly homeless and disabled households. This is accomplished through a collaborative effort between OCHA and various Care providers throughout Orange County.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

To be eligible for participation in S+C, a person must be homeless and disabled with serious mental illness, and/or, have chronic alcohol and/or drug addictions, and/or, have HIV/AIDS and continue participating in a prescribed supportive services plan for the duration of program participation.

Eligibility and selection for this program is determined by OC Health Care Agency (HCA). Interested persons may contact the HCA adult care clinic closest to them.

Once referred to Shelter Plus Care program, clients may contact their worker from OCHA:

Adrienne Ponce (Clients with last name A-L)


Linda Ngo (Clients with last name M-Z)